A place to unwind.

Palmhouse Productions is a full- service production company that will operate a multi-functional food hall and event space. Operating under one roof, Palmhouse Productions is the management team for a new neighborhood & celebration hub. From hosting both public and private events, to being a gathering space for the Evanston community and beyond, Palmhouse fills a niche currently lacking in the Evanston market.

With lifelong dedication to hospitality, celebrations, and supporting community, Palmhouse Productions hopes we can bridge the gap between our hyper-local base, and destination seekers.



Deborah Evans has more than 20 years of experience in the food service industry in Evanston and abroad, both from a staff and an ownership point of view. Debbie is current Executive Chef & Partner in Peckish Pig a Restaurant & Brewery, which has been open for just over 4 years at 623 Howard. In addition to her experience as at Peckish Pig, she was also Chef/Owner of Celtic Knot in Evanston for eight years, operated a catering company, taught cooking classes in the US and Japan, ran a gourmet food & wine shop in roger’s park, as well as a coffee shop bistro. Her passion for entertaining and making people feel at home shines through every project she works on.


India Mussell-McKay grew up in Evanston and around the hospitality industry, working in and out of restaurants & bars since she was of age to work. Starting as a host at Davis St Fishmarket, before both serving & bartending at a variety of local establishments, she naturally progressed into a Management role. India managed a bar & grill in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago before leaving that business to help Debbie open the Peckish Pig. For the last four years, she has been the general manager & events manager at the restaurant, which grossed over 2.3 million dollars in sales last year and oversaw a staff of over 38.

Janek Evans behind the bar at Peckish Pig.

Janek Evans behind the bar at Peckish Pig.

Janek Evans started his career in the service industry working for his families Catering Company, eventually branching out into serving and working in kitchens until he found his true home, behind the bar. Starting out at a local bar that focused more on beer and wine, he soon found his creativity in the craft cocktail scene. 

Working his way up to bar manager, he now runs the bar program at The Peckish Pig. There, his program puts the emphasis on local, with a small local beer list and craft cocktails using fresh local produce, spirits and homemade tinctures and bitters. During his time at the Pig, Janek has facilitated a number of cocktail dinners, including collaborations with with local distilleries FEW (Evanston’s own), Journeyman and Koval. He’s also competed in cocktail competitions, winning some small local competitions and placing in the top 10 at the Tenzing Coupe last year.

DJ Teebot at Vocalo’s ‘Quest for the Best’ Competition.

DJ Teebot at Vocalo’s ‘Quest for the Best’ Competition.

Torben Nielsen has been a music connoisseur for as long as he can remember.  In 1995 Torben started making mixed tapes out of his parents basement and became known as DJ Teebot.

Currently Teebot is an independent events DJ with a focus on music festivals, music venues, corporate events, weddings  & private events.  Teebot currently plays some of Evanston/Chicago’s premier music venues.  Opening for artist’s such as Rebirth Brass Band, Slick Rick, KRS One, Brand Nubian, Masta Ace, J-Live and many more.

Torben is an extremely empathetic individual, his ability to understand and share his feelings translates into his ability to read a room and select a musical playlist to keep his fans dancing on the dance floor.